Athletes of the Week

In recognition of this honor, each week's winners of USA ROTC-Spring Hill College Student-Athletes of the Week award will receive a T-shirt, water bottle and handy gym bag compliments of the University of South Alabama ROTC.

For the week of Apr 05, 2010 - Apr 11, 2010
Ryan Cummings
Ryan Cummings
Cummings, a sophomore shortstop from Mobile's McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, tied the NAIA record for second most hits in a baseball game with a 6-for-6 effort at Selma University on Tuesday. Cummings drove in eight runs off three singles, a double and two homeruns.  He also scored four runs and stole a base. Currently, Cummings leads the NAIA in total hits with 76 and total at-bats with 168.
Paige Malone
Paige Malone
Women's Tennis
Malone, a junior tennis player from Louisville, Ky., turned in an important 8-4 doubles win for the 25th-ranked Lady Badgers on the No. 1 court at Belhaven University on Friday with her new partner, freshman Tara Montegut of League City, Texas. The next morning at Tougaloo College, they also won at No. 2 doubles, 8-0. Her crowning achievement of the week, however, was a come-from-behind win on the No. 1 singles court against Tougaloo. Down 1-4 in the first set, she came back to register a 6-4, 6-2 victory against Rukiya Umaja, who had beaten Malone earlier this season, 0-6, 1-6.
Past Athletes of the Week
Week EndingNameSport 
May 04, 2014Brian SimsBaseballMale Athlete
May 04, 2014Raleigh DownsSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 27, 2014Garrett WebbBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 27, 2014Caroline SagreraSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 20, 2014Wesley PietriMen's Outdoor Track & FieldMale Athlete
Apr 20, 2014Taylor LahaskySoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 13, 2014Justin RooksMen's Outdoor Track & FieldMale Athlete
Apr 13, 2014Avery KyleWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Apr 06, 2014Ryan StevensBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 06, 2014Caroline SagreraSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 30, 2014Taylor EadsBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 30, 2014Elise MichaelisWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 23, 2014Jordan TravisMen's Outdoor Track & FieldMale Athlete
Mar 23, 2014Caroline SagreraSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 16, 2014Wesley HunterMen's GolfMale Athlete
Mar 16, 2014Jenna CharnockSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 09, 2014Roy MoulderBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 09, 2014Sam LeachSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 02, 2014Taylor EadsBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 02, 2014Shea BlanchardSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 23, 2014Lee LeavittMen's TennisMale Athlete
Feb 23, 2014Megan GietlWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Feb 16, 2014Jack HowardBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 16, 2014Kerrie YorkWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 09, 2014Keller DouglasBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 09, 2014Sarah BolotteSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 02, 2014Frederick GatsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 02, 2014Amee SmithWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 26, 2014Jarrett CalhounMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 26, 2014Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 19, 2014Robert GipsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 19, 2014Corinne MissiWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 12, 2014Jackson FosMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 12, 2014Tempey HamiltonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 05, 2014Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 05, 2014Natalie HarperWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 15, 2013Robert DrummondMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 15, 2013Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 08, 2013Wesley PietriMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 08, 2013Elissa VandeWaaWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 01, 2013Jarrett CalhounMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 01, 2013Armanee BroussardWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 17, 2013Jarrett CalhounMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 17, 2013Bethany CollinsWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 10, 2013John RussellMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Nov 10, 2013Megan HaberVolleyballFemale Athlete
Nov 03, 2013Dejan StefanovicMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 03, 2013Sha Sha BuchananVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 27, 2013Brian BodenheimerMen's BowlingMale Athlete
Oct 27, 2013Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 20, 2013Dylan GardnerMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 20, 2013Emily DolanWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Oct 13, 2013John RussellMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Oct 13, 2013Megan HaberVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 06, 2013Wesley HunterMen's GolfMale Athlete
Oct 06, 2013Sidi GenusWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 29, 2013Jabu ThompsonMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 29, 2013Kaitlyn EichorstWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 22, 2013Ryan HouckMen's BowlingMale Athlete
Sep 22, 2013Erin ClaxtonWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 15, 2013Jordan TravisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Sep 15, 2013Madison SeuzeneauVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 08, 2013Salvador SanchisMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 08, 2013Darby RaschWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 01, 2013Tyler HartlageMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 01, 2013Megan HaberVolleyballFemale Athlete
Aug 25, 2013Arturo GarciaMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Aug 25, 2013Courtney HarlanWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Apr 21, 2013Nick SchmiemeierBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 21, 2013Taylor LahaskySoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 14, 2013Jordan TravisMen's Outdoor Track & FieldMale Athlete
Apr 14, 2013Katelyn HinsonSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 07, 2013Brian SimsBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 07, 2013Caroline SagreraSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 31, 2013Hunter NowakBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 31, 2013Taylor WebreSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 24, 2013Jordan PortalMen's GolfMale Athlete
Mar 24, 2013Mariha PartmanSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 17, 2013Brian SimsBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 17, 2013Sam LeachSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 10, 2013Nick SchmiemeierBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 10, 2013Jade BourgeoisSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 03, 2013Willie FlorosBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 03, 2013Shea BlanchardSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 24, 2013Ryan StevensBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 24, 2013Caroline SagreraSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 17, 2013Meyer SchwartzbergMen's TennisMale Athlete
Feb 17, 2013Elise deBrulerSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 10, 2013Josh SchultzMen's TennisMale Athlete
Feb 10, 2013Elise MichaelisWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Feb 03, 2013Ryan StevensBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 03, 2013Leah WashingtonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 27, 2013Todd MartinMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 27, 2013Elissa VandeWaaWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 20, 2013Robert GipsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 20, 2013Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 13, 2013Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 13, 2013Bria BohanonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 06, 2013Ben RedmanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 06, 2013Leah WashingtonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 23, 2012Jackson FosMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 23, 2012Natalie HarperWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 16, 2012Frederick GatsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 16, 2012Kristin RogersWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 09, 2012Robert GipsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 09, 2012Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 02, 2012Todd MartinMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 02, 2012April BradfordWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 25, 2012Robert DrummondMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 25, 2012Armanee' BroussardWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 18, 2012Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 18, 2012Jamesha WatkinsWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 04, 2012Adam SpillerMen's GolfMale Athlete
Nov 04, 2012Payton TannerWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Oct 28, 2012Arturo GarciaMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 28, 2012Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 21, 2012Mario EscalanteMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 21, 2012Abby MassengaleWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 14, 2012Nick LinkMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 14, 2012Sha Sha BuchananVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 07, 2012Arturo GarciaMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 07, 2012Emily DolanWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Sep 30, 2012Jacob FilesMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 30, 2012Courtney HarlanWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 23, 2012Tyler HartlageMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 23, 2012Makena LidieWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Sep 16, 2012Jordan TravisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Sep 16, 2012Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 09, 2012Jacob FilesMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 09, 2012Sha Sha BuchananVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 02, 2012Andrew McInnisMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 02, 2012Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Aug 26, 2012Salvador SanchisMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Aug 26, 2012Amanda AllenWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Apr 22, 2012Michael MochBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 22, 2012Kathryn InglesSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 15, 2012Fred RossiBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 15, 2012Linsey DickersonSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 08, 2012Ryan StevensBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 08, 2012Jade BourgeoisSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 01, 2012Ryan CummingsBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 01, 2012Elise deBrulerSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 25, 2012Jake LyonsMen's TennisMale Athlete
Mar 25, 2012Monica CastelloWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 11, 2012Brian SimsBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 11, 2012Avery KyleWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Mar 04, 2012Kendell CarvinBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 04, 2012Mariha PartmanSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 26, 2012Casey AdamsBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 26, 2012Taylor WebreSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 19, 2012Ryan CummingsBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 19, 2012Elissa VandeWaaWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 12, 2012Wayne HuellBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 12, 2012Shelby FritscherWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Feb 05, 2012Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 05, 2012Bethany CollinsWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 29, 2012Todd MartinMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 29, 2012Tempey HamiltonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 22, 2012Tyler SchwabMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 22, 2012Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 15, 2012Stephen BurchesMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 15, 2012Kristin RogersWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 08, 2012Jake ThelenMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 08, 2012Bria BohanonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 01, 2012Frederick GatsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 01, 2012April BradfordWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 18, 2011Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 18, 2011Bethany CollinsWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 11, 2011Jake ThelenMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 11, 2011Jackie HiggenbothamWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 04, 2011Brett WilliamsMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 04, 2011Yiting CaoVolleyballFemale Athlete
Nov 27, 2011Todd MartinMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 27, 2011April BradfordWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 20, 2011Frederick GatsonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 20, 2011LaSheena NationWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 13, 2011Ricky SearsMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 13, 2011Cassandra Marchand-StewartVolleyballFemale Athlete
Nov 06, 2011Jake ThelenMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 06, 2011Abbey RoamVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 30, 2011Dylan GardnerMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 30, 2011Yiting CaoVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 23, 2011Philip DuganMen's GolfMale Athlete
Oct 23, 2011Elaine FemmerWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 16, 2011John TannerMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 16, 2011AnnMarie CoanWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Oct 09, 2011Patrick DannerMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 09, 2011Amber O'ConnorWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 02, 2011Gable FortuneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 02, 2011Avery KyleWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Sep 25, 2011Cory BronenkampMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 25, 2011Megan HaberVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 18, 2011Will KirkikisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Sep 18, 2011Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Sep 11, 2011Salvador SanchisMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 11, 2011Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 04, 2011Tyler HartlageMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 04, 2011Abby MassengaleWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Aug 28, 2011Patrick CulottaMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Aug 28, 2011Abby GalenWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
May 01, 2011Alex SummersBaseballMale Athlete
May 01, 2011Lynne FritscherWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Apr 24, 2011Brad HolsteinBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 24, 2011Avery KyleWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Apr 17, 2011Fred RossiBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 17, 2011Kayla MoranSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 10, 2011Robert BoudreauxBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 10, 2011Sam BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 03, 2011Jonathan AmesMen's TennisMale Athlete
Apr 03, 2011Shelby FritscherWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 27, 2011Joe CarterBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 27, 2011McCall HedrickWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 20, 2011Brian SimsBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 20, 2011Gina PambianchiWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 13, 2011Stephen HerringtonBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 13, 2011Stephanie FairSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 06, 2011Ben NicastriBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 06, 2011Sam BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 27, 2011Casey AdamsBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 27, 2011Bria BohanonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 20, 2011Charles GordonMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 20, 2011Bria BohanonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 13, 2011Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 13, 2011Jenny LairdSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 06, 2011Joe CarterBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 06, 2011Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 30, 2011Wayne HuellBaseballMale Athlete
Jan 30, 2011Kimarie BockWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 23, 2011Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 23, 2011Lynleigh HughesWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 16, 2011Alex LooneyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 16, 2011Sha Sha BuchananWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 09, 2011Tyler SchwabMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 09, 2011Kimarie BockWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 02, 2011Erica WrightWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 19, 2010Steve EdwardsMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 19, 2010Kristin RogersWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 12, 2010Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 12, 2010Tempey HamiltonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 05, 2010Kyle WatkinsMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 05, 2010Jackie HiggenbothamWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 28, 2010Brandon BlakeMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 28, 2010Bria BohanonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 14, 2010Steve EdwardsMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 14, 2010Emily WilliamsVolleyballFemale Athlete
Nov 07, 2010Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 07, 2010Kimarie BockWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Oct 31, 2010Joseph WebsterMen's GolfMale Athlete
Oct 31, 2010Emma PitchfordWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 24, 2010Collin GasparovicMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 24, 2010Meredith DonaldVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 17, 2010Josh LedetMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 17, 2010Molly CowleyWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 10, 2010Thomas KinseyMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Oct 10, 2010Avery KyleWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Oct 03, 2010Colin PerryMen's TennisMale Athlete
Oct 03, 2010Abbey RoamVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 26, 2010Andres GarciaMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 26, 2010Taryn NashVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 19, 2010Will KirkikisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Sep 19, 2010Sarah UptmorWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 12, 2010Cory BronenkampMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 12, 2010Yiting CaoVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 05, 2010Bryce PrivettMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 05, 2010Sara UptmorWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
May 09, 2010Andy McCallBaseballMale Athlete
May 09, 2010Lindsey TaylorSoftballFemale Athlete
May 02, 2010Mike LoganMen's TennisMale Athlete
May 02, 2010Allison SymulevichWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Apr 25, 2010Will LowethMen's GolfMale Athlete
Apr 25, 2010Monica ZeringueSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 18, 2010Joseph WebsterMen's GolfMale Athlete
Apr 18, 2010Sam BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 11, 2010Ryan CummingsBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 11, 2010Paige MaloneWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Apr 04, 2010Ryan HallBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 04, 2010Ersy PachecoSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 28, 2010James MaughnBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 28, 2010Brittany AbateSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 21, 2010Joe CarterBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 21, 2010Monica ZeringueSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 14, 2010Nick ClapperBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 14, 2010Ersy PachecoSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 07, 2010Ryan HallBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 07, 2010Sam BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 28, 2010Tyler SchwabMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 28, 2010Alex TovarWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Feb 21, 2010Brad HolsteinBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 21, 2010Monica ZeringueSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 14, 2010Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 14, 2010Christina WatsonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 07, 2010Ryan HallBaseballMale Athlete
Feb 07, 2010Jackie HiggenbothamWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 31, 2010Fred RossiBaseballMale Athlete
Jan 31, 2010Alexis McPhailWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 24, 2010Owen McNallyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 24, 2010Kristin RogersWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 17, 2010Patrick GrantMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 17, 2010Jackie HiggenbothamWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 10, 2010Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 10, 2010Robynetta HargraveWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 03, 2010Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 03, 2010Robynetta HargraveWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 20, 2009Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 20, 2009Kimarie BockWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 13, 2009Antonio BurchMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 13, 2009Kristi YbarraWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 06, 2009Chris Dees, Jr.Men's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 06, 2009Robynetta HargraveWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 29, 2009Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 29, 2009Kristin RogersWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 22, 2009Antonio BurchMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 22, 2009Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Nov 15, 2009Christian BoyerMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Nov 15, 2009Kimarie BockWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 09, 2009Owen McNallyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 09, 2009Allison GilesWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Nov 01, 2009Bryce PrivettMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Nov 01, 2009Maura O'CallaghanVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 25, 2009Gable FortuneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 25, 2009Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Oct 18, 2009Trey SmithMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 18, 2009Elaine FemmerWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Oct 04, 2009Will KirkikisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Oct 04, 2009Victoria GonzalezWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Sep 27, 2009Collin GasparovicMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 27, 2009Allison AkersWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 20, 2009Tyler KingMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 20, 2009Lara MenkeWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 14, 2009Cory BronenkampMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 14, 2009Melissa WilliamsVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 06, 2009Gable FortuneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 06, 2009Sally ReeseVolleyballFemale Athlete
Aug 30, 2009Dan CriscioneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Aug 30, 2009Katie PendergastWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
May 03, 2009Javier ChertaBaseballMale Athlete
May 03, 2009Victoria GonzalezWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Apr 26, 2009Ryan CummingsBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 26, 2009Lynne FritscherWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Apr 19, 2009Andy McCallBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 19, 2009Gina PambianchiWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Apr 12, 2009Justin HarrisonBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 12, 2009Samantha BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 05, 2009Josh EssingtonBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 05, 2009Lynne FritscherWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 29, 2009Craig LehmanBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 29, 2009Samantha BrooksSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 22, 2009Javier ChertaBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 22, 2009Brooke TurlichSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 15, 2009Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Mar 15, 2009Abbey AngelleWomen's TennisFemale Athlete
Mar 08, 2009Ryan HallBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 08, 2009Nicole StrubleSoftballFemale Athlete
Mar 01, 2009Matt HasleyBaseballMale Athlete
Mar 01, 2009Brittany AbateSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 22, 2009Jeremy PriceMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 22, 2009Joy CollinsWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 15, 2009Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 15, 2009Sharidan HollisWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Feb 08, 2009Nick BrownMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 08, 2009Jessica EdgarSoftballFemale Athlete
Feb 01, 2009Jeremy PriceMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Feb 01, 2009Sharidan HollisWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 25, 2009Quinn NicholsBaseballMale Athlete
Jan 25, 2009Keisha ForbesWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 18, 2009Antonio BurchMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 18, 2009Sharidan HollisWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 11, 2009Jeremy PriceMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 11, 2009Erica WrightWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Jan 04, 2009Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Jan 04, 2009Rashonda BeltonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 21, 2008Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 21, 2008Keisha ForbesWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 14, 2008Carlos SerranoMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 14, 2008Rashonda BeltonWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Dec 07, 2008Owen McNallyMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Dec 07, 2008Sharidan "Rudy" HollisWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 30, 2008Antonio BurchMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 30, 2008Keisha ForbesWomen's BasketballFemale Athlete
Nov 23, 2008Patrick AucoinMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Nov 23, 2008Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Nov 16, 2008Marcus ColemanMen's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 16, 2008Sarah EngelsWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Nov 09, 2008Chris Dees, Jr.Men's BasketballMale Athlete
Nov 09, 2008Jessica MakowskiWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Nov 02, 2008Derek BurrMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Nov 02, 2008Jenny LinesWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Oct 26, 2008Will KirkikisMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Oct 26, 2008Melissa WilliamsVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 19, 2008Patrick AucoinMen's Cross CountryMale Athlete
Oct 19, 2008Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Oct 12, 2008Dan CriscioneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 12, 2008Rachel WilliamsVolleyballFemale Athlete
Oct 05, 2008Zach SchmidtMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Oct 05, 2008Abby GalenWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 28, 2008Ricky EscobarMen's GolfMale Athlete
Sep 28, 2008Cassandra MarchandVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 21, 2008Josh LedetMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 21, 2008Kasey PruettWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
Sep 14, 2008Phoenix IversonMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 14, 2008Kate ImwalleWomen's Cross CountryFemale Athlete
Sep 07, 2008Sean SimpsonMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 07, 2008Rachel WilliamsVolleyballFemale Athlete
Sep 03, 2008Gable FortuneMen's SoccerMale Athlete
Sep 03, 2008Kasey PruettWomen's SoccerFemale Athlete
May 04, 2008Ryan HallBaseballMale Athlete
May 04, 2008Adrienne RobertsWomen's GolfFemale Athlete
Apr 20, 2008Matt HasleyBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 20, 2008Brooke TurlichSoftballFemale Athlete
Apr 13, 2008Tom ConnorsBaseballMale Athlete
Apr 13, 2008Jessica ScallanSoftballFemale Athlete