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Women's Tennis - Sat, Apr. 5, 2014

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Spring Hill College women's tennis team fell in the finals of the Stillman College Invitational with a 6-0 loss to the host Tigers on Saturday afternoon.

The Badgers trailed the Tigers 3-0 after doubles play and also fell on courts No. 2, 4, 5 and 6 in singles play.

1. Litia Godinet (SC) vs. Maggie Leeds (SHC); DNF
2. Carolina Barabas (SC) def. Kate Sotolongo (SHC); 8-0
3. Veronika Kalugina (SC) vs. Chandler Burkenstock (SHC); DNF
4. Nair Tolomeo (SC) def. Megan Gietl (SHC); 8-1
5. Angela Corredor (SC) def. Allison Gmelich (SHC); 8-1
6. Gabriela Laguna-Leon (SC) def. Michelle Gad (SHC); 8-2

1.  Godinet/Barabas (SC) def. Leeds/Sotolongo (SHC); 8-1
2.  Tolomeo/Laguna-Leon (SC) def. Burkenstock/Gmelich (SHC); 8-3
3.  Rosana Medeiros/Corredor (SC) def. Gmelich/Gad (SHC); 8-1

Spring Hill (6-11, 2-8 SSAC) will next visit Belhaven University (10-5, 4-1 SSAC) on Friday at 4 p.m. in Jackson, Miss.