Badger Athletics - Spring Hill College News
Men's Tennis - Sat, Apr. 12, 2008

The University of Mobile downed the Spring Hill College (4-10) men's tennis team by a score of 5-0 in the semifinal round of the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference Men's Tennis Tournament in Jackson, Miss.

Mobile swept the three doubles matches as UM's Ale Vial and Guilherme Lorencon defeated Evan Davis and Brendan Gallagher 8-4 in the No. 1 match.  Ram players Ricky Weghorst and Shawn Wintzell downed Dane Hinton and Chris Link 8-1 at No. 2 while the Badgers' Johnny Ngamvillay and Nick Rayburn fell to Gustavo Godoi and Jesus Urmeneta 8-1 in the No. 3 pairing.

Mobile continued to control the pace throughout the singles action as   SHC's No. 3 Link fell 6-4, 6-0 to Weghorst.  On the No. 5 court, Rayburn lost to Mobile's Godoi 6-0, 6-1.

1. Ale Vial (UM) vs. Evan Davis (SHC); 1-6, 2-1 (DNF)
2. Shawn Wintzell (UM) vs. Brendan Gallagher (SHC); 5-6 (DNF)
3. Ricky Weghorst (UM) def. Chris Link (SHC); 6-4, 6-0
4. Guilherme Lorencon (UM) vs. Dane Hinton (SHC); 5-2 (DNF)
5. Gustavo Godoi (UM) def. Nick Rayburn (SHC); 6-0, 6-1
6. Johnny Ngamvilay (SHC) vs. Sam Perlmutter (UM); 6-4, 1-0 (DNF)

1. Vial and Lorencon (UM) def. Davis and Gallagher (SHC); 8-4
2. Wintzell and Weghorst (UM) def. Hinton and Link (SHC); 8-1
3. Godoi and Jesus Urmeneta (UM) def. Ngamvilay and Rayburn (SHC); 8-1